(updated 7/9/11)



After 12 years of steady performing, Mambo Sons will be on an extended hiatus. In the meantime, you can check us out on i-Tunes and YouTube.






Mambo Sons is sad to announce the passing of Omnicide Records owner and friend Marko Van Der Werff. In a world where commerce takes precedence over art, Marko felt just the opposite and did alot to get the music of Mambo Sons heard worldwide. He will be missed greatly.


January '11 - Hear Mambo Sons backing Avalanche guitarist Mark Easton on his track "For the Love of Music" (mp3)


July '10 - Tom interviews SNL guitarist Jared Scharff for an upcoming Vintage Guitar magazine


June '10 - Tom interviews Ted Nugent for an upcoming ToneQuest Report


May '10 - Check out Scotty Mambo's new solo disc "Black Sheep Son" at


December '09 - Check the "Press and Hype" section for multiple reviews of "Heavy Days"


7/23/09 - Pre-orders taken for new cd, available 8/1/09


6/1/09 - New cd artwork is being finalized.


4/7/09 - New cd is being mixed...stay tuned for mp3s!


12/9/08 - Tom will be writing the liner notes to Johnny Winter's new cd "Vol. 4." Stay tuned for the release date.


5/17/08 - Tom interviews legendary axeman J. Geils for Vintage Guitar magazine. Stay tuned for publication date.


4/22/08 - Tom Guerra appears in the new book by NYTimes writer Steve Kurutz entitled "Like a Rolling Stone - The Strange Life of a Tribute Band" now available on Broadway Books.


3/17/2008 - Tom's interviews of legendary Tom Petty guitarist and songwriter Mike Campbell are currently appearing in the March edition of The ToneQuest Report, and April's Premier Guitar magazine.


11/13/07 - Songwriting commences for the fourth Mambo Sons cd. More to come...


10/19/07 - Memorial page for luthier Frank Lucchesi established


7/4/07 - "So Wonderful" video released

4/4/07 - April '07 - Tom Guerra featured in ToneQuest magazine (Atlanta, GA)


2/25/07 - Tom Guerra begins work on record of guitar instrumentals - stay tuned!


12/4/06 - Mambo Sons' release a new track "So Wonderful" as a special holiday thank you to fans of the trio.


11/17/06 - Tom's interviews with Johnny Winter and Muddy Waters' Bob Margolin appear in the new edition of Vintage Guitar magazine and also are exclusively available HERE!


11/7/06 - Tom recently interviewed New England guitar legend Mark Easton for an upcoming edition of Modern Guitars magazine.


9/26/06 - Tom was recently in the studio with legendary Animals guitarist Hilton Valentine to play some music and prepare a feature on Hilton for Modern Guitars magazine.  Be sure to check out Hilton's excellent new folk and skiffle cd entitled "Its Folk N Skiffle, Mate!" and his informative website.


9/15/06 - Neighbors Magazine article on Mambo Sons


8/17/06 - Gallery updated with new pictures from Summer '06, including Tom's chat with blues guitar legend Johnny Winter.

5/26/06 - "Racket of Three" reviewed for Guitar Noise, Phoenix, AZ

5/25/06 - "Racket of Three" reviewed for Local Buzz, Springfield, MA

5/8/06 - Tom interviewed for Modern Guitars magazine


4/06 - Mambo Sons Podcast with Jopey

2/1/06 - "Racket of Three" reviewed by the Pittsburgh Observer-Reporter.

1/6/06 - Hartford Advocate says "Between the snappy tempos and the melodies that couldn't give a shit whether or not radio likes them, 'Racket of Three' is closer to the rebel 'tude of early rock than anything that passes for punk these days."  Read full review HERE

12/31/05 - "Racket of Three" named Album of the Year by Thailand's Pattaya Mail!  To quote the magazine,
"There have been many new albums released in 2005, amongst them some excellent albums by major artists including The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, etc. But for pure rock n' roll Mott the Dog's album of the year still has to go to Mambo Sons and their terrific album Racket Of Three." 

12/29/05 - Read Modern Drummer's Bob Cianci's review of "Racket of Three"

12/5/05 - Read Vintage Guitar Magazine's review of "Racket of Three"

12/1/05 - Tom recently sat in with Sticky Fingers, "the greatest rock & roll tribute band in the world", performing the Brian Jones/Mick Taylor/Ronnie Wood parts.

11/27/05 - Tom's interview with The Pixies in this month's Vintage Guitar magazine

11/3/05 - Vancouver's The Cutting Edge review of "Racket of Three"

10/29/05 - Check out Modern Guitars Magazine review of "Racket of Three"

10/13/05 - Mambo Sons have donated the proceeds from all September sales of "Racket of Three" to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.